Friday, April 1, 2011

Worship (part 2 of however many it takes)

This is just a cheesy photo of myself. One of the boys took this.

Feel free to poke fun. :)

You thought I had fallen off the wagon for blogging....I haven't :) So let me tell you a new tactic I have been using in my house. You will see how it pertains to worship here in a sec. Have you had those days when all the kids seem to be doing is fighting or those moments where you yourself are in a funk which causes you to be a punk to the rest of your family? Well, I have. I deal with kids all day as a teacher so when I get home and have to deal with the same whiny behavior or have the million excuses to why they can't do _________ or have to tell them for the 10th time to get something done, I become unraveled pretty quickly. My new tactic to fight my urge to pull my hair out or run away has been to turn on the ipod to worship songs. Why not just turn on any old music? Because not all songs will center me back to my dying to self place I need to be. I have found that once the music comes on peace magically appears.

Why is this the case? Something I am learning is how to welcome the Holy Spirit into my house. The fruits or attributes of Him are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. These are all traits I want flowing in, through, and out of our house. Worship is the avenue that allows the Spirit to come which in turn brings these traits in. When I turn the music on, kids begin to dance and sing. It is hard to sing about an amazing God and then yell at a brother. It is hard to watch #4 get his groove on and hold anger towards another family member or the leftover funk of the day. All the junk we are feeling tends to lift off our backs and we are put in the presence of Jesus who desires to take on our burdens and cares.

I challenge you to try it. If you don't have any worship songs on your I-Tunes then use Pandora. It's free. Type in Chris Tomlin or Matt Redman or Hillsong or at least that is where I would start.

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