Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boys and Life

For whatever reason, I am loving this picture of myself. #1 is because my 3 year took it. #2 it was at a park where my kids were playing a goofy game of father may I (our friend's dad was in charge) and it was hilarious. #3 I look relaxed.
Life has been a little crazy and not in a bad way always, but none the less crazy. I have actually gone days without even getting near my computer except for work. So I am going to give you a snippet of what we have been up to.

My oldest boys are being home schooled this year (yes I am still working....a little crazy) So we went with some of our dear friends and ventured into Oak Glen. I praise the Lord I already had a "whatever" type of attitude because it was an adventure. I loved it. It was a little hotter than I like, but it was a welcome to fall. Here are the boys taking the obligatory picture for their mother. #4 is now 2 #2 is 6 #3 is 3 1/2 and #1 is 9 1/2. Cheesy smiles...
A couple of week my father in law came and worked around our house. He graciously made the boards to go around my garden so I can have a raised bed garden this next year. I also had to promise to deliver the tomatoes. Well, as you can see my boys see this as a giant mud pit. They dug a hole and filled it with water. It was a moment I could have freaked out and made them take baths immediately, but I chose to allow the moment to happen. (my husband was out that evening and it was just me) See how they are working together. I love it. I pray that they will learn how to be good friends and work together more often. There is something special about having a brother by your side especially when you are in the mud.

Here is a picture of all clean boys veggin' on the couch. (yes new couch...the other was nasty and it needed to go) This is how my boys spend a lot of time, in their underwear....which is less laundry for me :)

Our time as family is growing and I love watching them grow up yet I tend to mourn that sweet preschool time. #1 is an upper grader now...wow! #2 is reading so well...amazing! #3 can dress himself and match most of the time...awesome! #4 is starting to talk more and says things like "hi, mommy when I get him in the morning...precious!

My goal of late is to be a better mom...be in the moment...be present...lay down my agenda...surrender to God moving in my life....relax....love life....

What about you? What are you up to lately?