Friday, July 29, 2011

Spending time at the "lake"

I have recieved a lot of questions about my summer happenings. "What have you been up to this summer?" Besides our long trek across country, we have kept it close to home. Days going the the pool, library, spending time with friends, but just local.
Because of that my boys have created a "lake" in our yard and spend some time there. How you may ask? Well, it starts off with an already huge hole they have dug on the side. #1 though started a river that flowed to the lake so here is the process.

#1 get a good source of water#2 have it stream down a good canal (it runs next to the flowers)#3 have a nice hole for it to land in#4 Build a ledge for those who want to play in it but not get too wet to sit or be like #4 and just throw some dirt in.#2 loves this lake. He is constantly in it, around it, much to my washing machine's demise

#4 is the other one who loves it (They all love it just some more than others)

His affinity to dirt is quite amazing. He loves dirt. He plays in it, rolls in it, eats it (j/k for the most part). He enjoys watching things splash as well so when the hole dries up we find things like shirts, shoes, toys, and anything else he might have found in the area.
So nothing trips to Hawaii or even exciting places here in Cali. Just some boys and some mud. God is teaching me that these are the things they will remember. It doesn't have to be flashy, but fun with the family.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I often time will avoid blogging. There are multiple reasons for this, but the biggest being that I don't really feel like what I have to say is worth reading or that people even want to read what I have to say....

Yes, I admit, I am a people pleaser. Have been most of my life. It is something that I am working on overcoming, but it rears its head every now and then and almost cripples my ability to see worth and value in me.

God has been working with me on this one though. You see, He thinks I am of extreme worth to Him. So much so that He was willing to suffer and die in my place. There aren't many people (really anyone) who is up for that. The fact that he died allows me to get something I don't even deserve or comprehend, a life full of love and hope.

Love, the God kind is amazing and incomprehensible. This last week I had to be reminded of this love. It isn't an ordinary love or a love we see in movies. It is a loves that outlasts time, wrongs, and forgives all the time. What?!? ALL THE TIME and it forgets about the what was done.

He loves with an everlasting love.

So what happens when I forget.....

I start to compare myself to others...

I become discontent with what I have....

I get in a funk...

I don't love others because I am not connected to the source of love...

All my junk comes pouring out....

It isn't pretty and definitely not my best self.

Lord, forgive me the times I put myself first and begin to not see how you love me even in my cracked and broken self. Help me to keep my eyes set on you, the one who gives me love, strength, and hope. Thank you for never leaving me or abandoning me. Your daughter, who is walking in your grace, me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mow the Lawn or Cut the Grass?

So far I have picture of every boy before him doing this same thing. I don't know what it is, but they love to help their daddy cut the grass (mow the lawn). It is usually when they are going through the "push something" phase, but as you can see #3 still wanted to get in on the action. This shot is sentimental though because we have a picture of Adam and his dad doing the exact same thing.

"Look at me mom!"
"this is hard work!"

"I'll help you out dad."

how many men does it take to mow the lawn (cut the grass)?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An almost 6yr old and a camera

He is almost 6 (in one month).
I have gotten my point and shoot camera back in the game lately. Reason #1 is Adam needed a camera for his Israel trip and reason #2 I don't want to take my nice camera to the beach. All that to say this camera was laying around and #2 got his hands on it. Here are some examples of life through his eyes.

Daddy studying LatinOur beagle, Hershey, as well as the laundry waiting to be folded

And you know important things like mac and cheese. My boys grab this at least 10 times a day because they think this is the only food they want to eat.

#4 with a big smile

and a self portrait because it's funny to see yourself with your tongue sticking out

He also took it to church....without permission....he did get some good pics, but man oh man this kid....

Sunday, July 10, 2011


After breakfast we headed to Doheny (sp?) State Beach. We had a great time there. My SIL had a little EZ up that had a partial back to it. It was perfect for shade. I had my umbrella, but it kept being blown down my the sea breeze.

#4 was enjoying the shade and a truck. That seems to be all he has in his hand lately. I also didn't bother to put on his swim suit. It seemed rather pointless. These two stole the show. This is my nephew the Cster and #4 playing in the sand. I kept bringing bucket of water to make the sand wet for them to use. I would occasionally pour some on one of them. I got very different responses. Cster would smile and enjoy it where as #4 would scream and say "no, no"

#3 hiding trying to get warm after going in the ocean...I kind of wanted to do this myself unfortunately I had to be a responsible parent.

Aunt Cindy and #4 chillaxin' in the shade

The Cousins enjoying the sun.

Adam talking to someone

I was so excited because my boys got a surfing lesson from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Sarah. They loved it. I want to learn to surf myself, but I want to learn in Hawaii where the water is warm. Guess I am not that anxious to learn :)

#1 and Aunt Sarah waiting for a wave (they weren't that great that day so it was a perfect day to learn)

#2 learning is a little shallower water

We had a good time. In my opinion any day at the beach is a good day. I will say that beach was a little rocky. I am on a mission to get to as many beaches as I can on the coast. Who knows where else we might go this summer.


I LOVE Summer!!!! It is by far my favorite season. #1 reason is that I am off and get to spend the quality time with my family. This summer it seems we have done a lot of extended family on the front end of things. Adam's aunt and cousins came from Arkansas to spend some time with us and his sister this last week. We had a blast. I was able to fulfill my craving (if you can call it that) for cards and playing games. There was of course the traditional trek to Laguna Beach to eat at Las Brisas. This place is super sentimental because it was where we would go with Adam's Grandpa Day. He has sensed passed on so now we continue to go for the memories. After a wonderful breakfast (the omelet bar is my favorite) we go outside and take the traditional family pics.

The Atchisons

(extended version)

Our Family

(#3 was not to excited about getting pictures taken...he was ready to go to the beach)

This is my nephew Cster. He is new to walking and I love how he keeps his hands up for balance.Cousin T and #4 were good buds. (notice the car in his hand...yeah..we're at that stage in his life)
" can I cause trouble so they will want to get me out of here and take me to the beach?"

This by far was my favorite picture from Laguna. I love the stair steps of little boy heads.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wedding Again

The worst and best part of a wedding are the pictures. I am always glad we take so many, but when you have four boys who would rather climb on a tractor well, it just isn't fun. This is one of the best family pictures we got. Not everyone is looking, but at least most of us are smiling.

Because my boys were in the wedding we got to be with the "boys" while they took their pictures on the golf course. It was quite fun to see my brother who HATES pictures (no lie his tongue was out in everyone we ever took as a kid or he was making some funny face) really rise to the occasion and be okay with it all. My boys did a bit of waiting.

"Let me push my brother around a little bit" Here they are being sweet or is it "I have you and you can't escape"

Hard to tell.
There there is my super cool one who was loving it all.Uncle Caleb and the nephews. They love him.This is us walking to the wedding site. Notice it was a forest. Middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. So beautiful.

And finally, the brother/sister picture. I love my brother. He is so sweet, kind, loving, annoying, tortuous,...well, I could go on and on. He is now a husband to a wonderful wife and I can't wait to see their family grow (hint, hint:))