Sunday, July 10, 2011


After breakfast we headed to Doheny (sp?) State Beach. We had a great time there. My SIL had a little EZ up that had a partial back to it. It was perfect for shade. I had my umbrella, but it kept being blown down my the sea breeze.

#4 was enjoying the shade and a truck. That seems to be all he has in his hand lately. I also didn't bother to put on his swim suit. It seemed rather pointless. These two stole the show. This is my nephew the Cster and #4 playing in the sand. I kept bringing bucket of water to make the sand wet for them to use. I would occasionally pour some on one of them. I got very different responses. Cster would smile and enjoy it where as #4 would scream and say "no, no"

#3 hiding trying to get warm after going in the ocean...I kind of wanted to do this myself unfortunately I had to be a responsible parent.

Aunt Cindy and #4 chillaxin' in the shade

The Cousins enjoying the sun.

Adam talking to someone

I was so excited because my boys got a surfing lesson from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Sarah. They loved it. I want to learn to surf myself, but I want to learn in Hawaii where the water is warm. Guess I am not that anxious to learn :)

#1 and Aunt Sarah waiting for a wave (they weren't that great that day so it was a perfect day to learn)

#2 learning is a little shallower water

We had a good time. In my opinion any day at the beach is a good day. I will say that beach was a little rocky. I am on a mission to get to as many beaches as I can on the coast. Who knows where else we might go this summer.

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