Friday, July 29, 2011

Spending time at the "lake"

I have recieved a lot of questions about my summer happenings. "What have you been up to this summer?" Besides our long trek across country, we have kept it close to home. Days going the the pool, library, spending time with friends, but just local.
Because of that my boys have created a "lake" in our yard and spend some time there. How you may ask? Well, it starts off with an already huge hole they have dug on the side. #1 though started a river that flowed to the lake so here is the process.

#1 get a good source of water#2 have it stream down a good canal (it runs next to the flowers)#3 have a nice hole for it to land in#4 Build a ledge for those who want to play in it but not get too wet to sit or be like #4 and just throw some dirt in.#2 loves this lake. He is constantly in it, around it, much to my washing machine's demise

#4 is the other one who loves it (They all love it just some more than others)

His affinity to dirt is quite amazing. He loves dirt. He plays in it, rolls in it, eats it (j/k for the most part). He enjoys watching things splash as well so when the hole dries up we find things like shirts, shoes, toys, and anything else he might have found in the area.
So nothing trips to Hawaii or even exciting places here in Cali. Just some boys and some mud. God is teaching me that these are the things they will remember. It doesn't have to be flashy, but fun with the family.


The Berghorn Family said...

Hey, didn't you take a big road trip at the beginning of the summer? Everything else is just icing on the cake that is summer!

Aunt Chris said...

Oh my gosh! They would have a great time in my back yard. Hoping it does not rain and turn it into mud. The contractors already are tracking in muddy dirt!