Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An almost 6yr old and a camera

He is almost 6 (in one month).
I have gotten my point and shoot camera back in the game lately. Reason #1 is Adam needed a camera for his Israel trip and reason #2 I don't want to take my nice camera to the beach. All that to say this camera was laying around and #2 got his hands on it. Here are some examples of life through his eyes.

Daddy studying LatinOur beagle, Hershey, as well as the laundry waiting to be folded

And you know important things like mac and cheese. My boys grab this at least 10 times a day because they think this is the only food they want to eat.

#4 with a big smile

and a self portrait because it's funny to see yourself with your tongue sticking out

He also took it to church....without permission....he did get some good pics, but man oh man this kid....

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