Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oklahoma Skies

One of the things I love/miss the most are the Oklahoma skies. They are absolutely beautiful. The sunsets are beautiful. Even the storm clouds are beautiful. One night while we were there I went outside to find a storm coming are way (it actually went around us). The sky was a portrait of God. I love the light and dark contrast.

These were a little worrisome (tornado clouds), but that is why us Okies always go and check the skies when we are on the watch. That is the joke. The weatherman says there is a tornado coming and we all go out to the porch and watch.

The rain is coming, but not really.

I was super sad that I didn't get a real good shake your windows kind of thunder. I did get some rain in Wisconsin, but it wasn't Oklahoma.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Some more wedding photos

Well, I guess I was a bad photographer. This happens a lot. I get in the moment and don't pick up my camera. I didn't take many photos from the wedding or reception. I also realized that I copied a bunch for my dad and it actually took it off my camera. So there are some good family ones, but it will have to wait.

Here was the sign outside of the reception place.This is where the reception was. It was a blast. I love to dance and I was able to get my boogie on. Luckily I was never short of partners.

Here is my mom showing off her outfit for the wedding.

Here are my parents looking good.

Here is one of the boys.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Wedding

This last weekend I got to participate and watch my little brother get married. It was in Wisconsin on Amber's (my brother's new wife, and my new sister in law) family's tree farm. It was a perfect day. It was supposed to rain and not a drop was had. So here are some pictures by Anna Page Photography. She did an amazing job.

My brother, Caleb, so happy. Amber was absolutely gorgeous.Beautiful!

The bike props were great. They are a very active couple and use these bikes a lot...or I assume they do. I know my brother brought them up for the pictures.

My brother adores his nephews and was very happy to have them in his wedding. This is #1 who was a junior groomsman.

Here is wedding setting. The tree thing (technical term I am sure) was built by my brother and Dad. I loved all the fresh flowers and bright colors.

Here is #3 ready to ring the bell. The fiddle/violin was my cousin's who played for the wedding.

My brother and his groomsmen. A couple of these guys were my other brothers. They were always over. It was fun to see them and get to hang with my brother's friends.

Here is the crew with my boys too.

#1 pulled #3 and #4 down the aisle.

They stole the show.

#2 was the ring bearer. Look how handsome he is!

My Dad did the honors of marrying the two. It was a special moment.

(I sang, but I don't have a picture of that and Adam got to share a special word too)

More pictures to come from my own camera or my dad's. Rehearsal was pretty fun as well as the reception. Let's just say we got our boogie on.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


So #2 has talked non stop about fishing because of all the rivers/lakes we have seen. We have informed him that we did not bring our equipment therefore we could not go fishing. He would then explain that we could get a stick and spear a fish just like the Native Americans did. Our place we are staying is right on a lake. One of the first things these kiddos did with parental supervision of course was head right down to the water. I soon saw my hubby grabbing a stick and getting something from the water. That's right folks they caught a fish, a dead fish, but a fish.

#2 was in heaven. Look at his pose. He was so proud he couldn't keep the smile in. It's a northern pike for those of you wondering.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Our family just spent three days in the car driving 2,051 miles.

We saw a lot of this and this.
Amazingly, our children are pretty good travelers. From a very young age we have tortured, I mean given them the privilege of spending time together in a car. My family lives in Oklahoma so we have gone back and forth for many, many years.

#4 talking to his brother

#3 I caught a precious expression

#1 trying to spend some quality time with his DS

#2 playing with dinosaurs

The reality is that even though they are good travelers they reach their limits as well.

#3 is ready to be out and running around. He is not used to being confined for so long.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


So my family is in Wisconsin for my brother's wedding. Here is my family: Brother, me, Dad, mom. My California friends don't get to see us all together so here they are. See, there is some tallness in my family, just not from me. (the hat was necessary FYI, travel crazy curly hair)

Friday, June 10, 2011


This picture is hilarious to me. I think at one point I might have cried, but anymore I take life as it comes. These last few days have been pretty busy for us. Today we had a garage sale. I had already given #3 and #4 breakfast, but I guess #4 was still hungry. He climbed/reached up on the counter to grab these. He was a happy camper eating his cheerios and watching some Sesame Street. Aye yi yi...these boys. So funny.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to,,,{keep boys entertained}

Materials needed: one blower, 3 boys (and one to watch from the window while he finishes his dinner) Steps 1: Turn on and blow into your brother's face.

Step 2: Show the world your crazy hair. (this boy needs a haircut, but we are waiting to see if Uncle Caleb wants it long for his wedding)

Step 3: Fill your shirts with air and pretend that you have large muscles.

Adam and I were watching this from the window. Our first inclination was to tell them no, but really no harm was being done and they had a blast.
I am learning that with boys you have to let some (many) things go.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On to First Grade

The end of the school year has come and while I very excited to have a summer full of free family time, I am grieving the growing of my children. #1 will be a 4th grader and #2 will be in 1st grade. Anyway, as I wipe my tears away, here are some end of the year pics from the Kinder program.

#2 and #3 are really great buds.

He was so great at all the motions. I was impressed. He may be our performer.

Look at that face! Hilarious!

Monday, June 6, 2011


This year has been one of the best years at work. At least for me it has. I love spending time with these people. They are fun and you can only imagine what conversations we have at lunch. Thanks guys for spending time with me and loving me. (there are a few people missing from this picture)

On a field trip with the fifth graders.