Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Wedding

This last weekend I got to participate and watch my little brother get married. It was in Wisconsin on Amber's (my brother's new wife, and my new sister in law) family's tree farm. It was a perfect day. It was supposed to rain and not a drop was had. So here are some pictures by Anna Page Photography. She did an amazing job.

My brother, Caleb, so happy. Amber was absolutely gorgeous.Beautiful!

The bike props were great. They are a very active couple and use these bikes a lot...or I assume they do. I know my brother brought them up for the pictures.

My brother adores his nephews and was very happy to have them in his wedding. This is #1 who was a junior groomsman.

Here is wedding setting. The tree thing (technical term I am sure) was built by my brother and Dad. I loved all the fresh flowers and bright colors.

Here is #3 ready to ring the bell. The fiddle/violin was my cousin's who played for the wedding.

My brother and his groomsmen. A couple of these guys were my other brothers. They were always over. It was fun to see them and get to hang with my brother's friends.

Here is the crew with my boys too.

#1 pulled #3 and #4 down the aisle.

They stole the show.

#2 was the ring bearer. Look how handsome he is!

My Dad did the honors of marrying the two. It was a special moment.

(I sang, but I don't have a picture of that and Adam got to share a special word too)

More pictures to come from my own camera or my dad's. Rehearsal was pretty fun as well as the reception. Let's just say we got our boogie on.


Alicia said...

What a gorgeous wedding!!

Adriana said...

What beautiful pictures and what an AMAZING setting! What am I doing living in California?!