Friday, November 26, 2010

The Great Card Debaucle - Updated

It's that time again when I make my family somewhat coordinate their clothes and take the annual Christmas picture. It comes with lots of drama, but I think I will look back on the pictures and reminisce about days gone by. I am always looking for a good deal so when I saw the Shutterfly deal I decided I would try it out. 50 free cards is good, especially for those of us on a budget and who have lots of friends. I have used Shutterfly to develop some of my photos in previous years so I know that it is a trusted site. They are also always having deals for free pictures. The emails come frequently. There are so many Christmas cards to pick from and you can even choose by color (which I love). I may even decide to do calendars for the grandparents this year. The cool thing is it doesn't have to stop at Christmas. If I can't get it done quick enough, I may do a New Year's Card. (
One reason I love to send photo cards is because I love to get them. Our family uses them to make a prayer photo album. It teaches my children to think about others and their needs instead of constantly thinking about themselves. (what a concept) Anyway, check out Shutterfly and see what you think.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This is such a beautiful picture to me. Three boys playing together and no one is arguing or fighting. Let me seems like the older two can do nothing but tattle tale on each other or compete to see who can be the best. There is nothing wrong with a little competition. They are boys after all, but one of the things we want to teach our children is how to respect each other and how to put themselves last. There have been many days when I thought I would lose my mind. Even this afternoon it was constant, but then, redemption. May I say it again? This is a beautiful picture to me.

(By the way the game they are playing is called Zingo. It was super fun and even Asher was able to play. Two would work on the cards and one would slide. The took turns. There are some advantages to having lots of siblings)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oklahoma Sunrise

As I said in the previous post our main reason for going was to honor Adam's grandpa. He was a Southern Baptist preacher for over 40 years. He lived a good life serving others. One request he had was to have his ashes spread in a nearby lake. We all gathered to say our final goodbyes and send him off with the fish he never caught.
(taken by my bro-in-law)


We recently we to Oklahoma for a couple of reasons. The primary reason was that Adam's grandpa had passed away so we needed to get out for the memorial service. The second reason was our 10 year college reunion. Adam and I both went to OBU. That is where we met and where our relationship blossomed from friendship to marriage. I love that school. It was the only place I wanted to go and the only place I applied for. Some may think I am over the top, but it was such a life changing place for me. My relationship with God grew in many ways and I was pushed and challenged to really know what I believe and why. The professors truly cared about their students and invested in more than just our education. I participated in too much I am sure, but everything I did help to make me who I am today.
G-pa and his grand-boys
I hope that one of them will go to OBU to keep the tradition alive. It would be the third generation to go there.
My dad and I graduated from the same place 20 years apart.
We now get to go back to our reunions together.

This is the corner where Adam proposed to me

The Atchisons and The Cloars
with our future Bison

Monday, November 8, 2010


Well, it has been too long folks. To be honest, I just haven't had the energy to do a blog. It has been one long month, but here we are in a new month. A month to remember all the things we are thankful for. I have many things this year to be thankful for. It has been a year, if you know what I mean. Lots of changes around here. So here are few things I am so thankful for.

For little boys who love to eat birthday cupcakes.

For nap times.

For lazy days on the couch.

More to come....
What are you thankful for?
(on a side note, I look at those four boys and can't believe they are is a little overwhelming at times...and scary....and chaotic....and so much fun)

Friday, October 15, 2010

#4 is #1

Yes, a year has flown by. I can hardly believe it. Here he is after he scored a nectarine all by himself. (They were an easy target) He was hooked after the first bite and would throw a fit it we took it away.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why the gaps

Hey folks, I love to blog and share our life with you guys, but right now I am working on being with my children. We have been spending some quality time together and between that and work I am unable to really get to the blog. I promise to get to it soon, but in the meantime here is a picture of me and my two baby boys. (#4 turn 1 on Monday)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Parenting is hard work!!! I find that I have more sympathy for my parents at school now that I have my own school age children. No matter how you do it, raising children is tough especially if you want them to have good character and know how to behave in a way that is respectful to others and to each other. Listening tends to be a constant correction in our house. I am tired of saying things over and over SO today I came home and created this....

Now in all honesty I don't like the winner part and that may change. I want this to be about making them better. For right now though it is a start. (BTW, the winner gets to decide what we will eat for dinner one night that week) I paired this chart with this verse from the Bible. I think this will be want we learn from it all. I used the pictures to help the non readers remember what the words say. I'll let you know how it goes after a few weeks.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Rare Moment

This Sunday our family experienced a moment that comes few and far between. All boys were involved in an activity that did not involve loud noises or bodily harm. What were they doing? They were coloring. (of course it quickly became a competition to see who could do it better, but I am choosing to ignore that for right now). Our daddy was gone and I was holding the fort down. #2 on his own went and grabbed a book with some markers. #3 (because he is becoming #2's clone) decided to get some as well. #1 not wanting to be left out of a good idea went and got his own stuff too.
I love to see them getting their artist hats on.

Since #4 is not allowed to use anything that might make a mark because well....he can't be trusted and he will most likely use it as a chew toy. He enjoyed his time being contained in his jumper. What was I doing? Eating bonbons...reading a book....drinking a passion iced tea lemonade from Starbucks....scrapbooking.....watching a movie that only I would enjoy?Oh no....I was attempting to work my way through the mountain of laundry that had taken over one of our couches. (BTW there was still more to do after this mountain....I am still not done)

Friday, September 10, 2010


I read something recently that said to blog whether you have something interesting or not. To keep at it and continue even if you think no one really would care. So here I am....We are finishing week 3 of school and I can honestly say that I have felt peace, anger, frustration, happiness, joy, love, and madness. Seriously in the first few weeks all those emotions have been there. It has been a challenge because I have a new position, but I am still in the classroom at least half my day. The students I encounter on a daily basis are the lowest of the low. They are the struggling readers. I am loving it, yet it is providing to be a great task. First, they have learned coping skills for many years on how to get out of doing work. They couldn't do it so they needed to hide or somehow draw the attention away from the work. How does this translate to my class? I have students who yell out, who lead us on "wild goose chases", and some who just won't even speak out loud when asked because they are too scared that what they have is not right. Please pray with me for these students. I really do like them...a lot.... God has given me compassion to see them through a different pair of eyes.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I feel like I haven't shared enough pictures from our grand adventure up north. Here are some of the views.
Can you tell this was formed by a glacier?
One of the few rare pictures of Adam and I.
#3 would see these types of falls and say "another waterfall" They were everywhere and he loved every one.
My attempt to get the reflection on the water.
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Day of School

This was our first week of school and man it was HOT!!! This year there are three of us at school. Amazing! I can't believe that #2 is ready to go. He started Kindergarten this year and is loving it. #1 is in 3rd grade. That seems so old to me. He is now in the "middle" grades. I will say the first day was good in some respects and hard in others. One reason is that we move into our regular routine. I like the consistency, but loathe the lack of freedom we have. #1 is in a combo class this year which has multiple challenges for both teachers and students. BUT...I have the joy of working at the school where both the boys attend and so that adds an added bonus for me. I can check on them through out the day. I also am able to talk with their teachers frequently. (plus they're my friends too)
#1 and #2
#2 at his seat on the first day #1 with his teacher (she was also #1's teacher)
#1 and his teacher

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Funny Song

So back in May, Adam and I went to a music conference with our church (Sandals Church). One night they had this band (Gungor) playing and we fell in love. Our family loves a few songs in particular. Our first favorite is "Dry Bones"

Our second favorite is called "God is not a white man"


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vacation Photos

Before we even got to our destination the views were beautiful. We were pleasantly surprised by this awesome rainbow. It was actually a double, but it is hard to the second one. I was loving the dark blue skies.

Here is Adam fixing the stroller that got to be on top of the van.

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Friday, August 20, 2010


I haven't had the opportunity to brag much about my new nephew. He was born on July 18th so I am sure he is much different now. He is extremely good looking and I can hardly wait to get to spend more time with him. The boys love their new cousin and show how pro they are about new babies.

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Friday, August 6, 2010


This is just one view that we have had the privilege to see this week. More pictures will be coming once we get home, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Greeters

So many churches have to arrange for people to welcome members and guests as they come into the door. It can become a real issue because finding volunteers who can do what they are supposed to do and be consistent is hard to find. Well, I don't have that problem. When my boys know that there is someone coming to our house for a visit they will request to go wait on the porch 10 minutes before (they would be out there 30 minutes before if I would let them) and wait for the guest. Here are some pictures of the greeting committee.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


No visit to California is complete without a trip to Disney. Our family hadn't been in about 2 years so it was a real treat to go (thanks grandma)...#3 was loving it! I knew he would be on sensory overload.

A for Atchisons

Utter amazement

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