Friday, November 26, 2010

The Great Card Debaucle - Updated

It's that time again when I make my family somewhat coordinate their clothes and take the annual Christmas picture. It comes with lots of drama, but I think I will look back on the pictures and reminisce about days gone by. I am always looking for a good deal so when I saw the Shutterfly deal I decided I would try it out. 50 free cards is good, especially for those of us on a budget and who have lots of friends. I have used Shutterfly to develop some of my photos in previous years so I know that it is a trusted site. They are also always having deals for free pictures. The emails come frequently. There are so many Christmas cards to pick from and you can even choose by color (which I love). I may even decide to do calendars for the grandparents this year. The cool thing is it doesn't have to stop at Christmas. If I can't get it done quick enough, I may do a New Year's Card. (
One reason I love to send photo cards is because I love to get them. Our family uses them to make a prayer photo album. It teaches my children to think about others and their needs instead of constantly thinking about themselves. (what a concept) Anyway, check out Shutterfly and see what you think.

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