Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wedding Again

The worst and best part of a wedding are the pictures. I am always glad we take so many, but when you have four boys who would rather climb on a tractor well, it just isn't fun. This is one of the best family pictures we got. Not everyone is looking, but at least most of us are smiling.

Because my boys were in the wedding we got to be with the "boys" while they took their pictures on the golf course. It was quite fun to see my brother who HATES pictures (no lie his tongue was out in everyone we ever took as a kid or he was making some funny face) really rise to the occasion and be okay with it all. My boys did a bit of waiting.

"Let me push my brother around a little bit" Here they are being sweet or is it "I have you and you can't escape"

Hard to tell.
There there is my super cool one who was loving it all.Uncle Caleb and the nephews. They love him.This is us walking to the wedding site. Notice it was a forest. Middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. So beautiful.

And finally, the brother/sister picture. I love my brother. He is so sweet, kind, loving, annoying, tortuous,...well, I could go on and on. He is now a husband to a wonderful wife and I can't wait to see their family grow (hint, hint:))

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