Thursday, April 7, 2011

How I love Spring Break

The first thing we did (after the going to Home Depot) was get some books. I was not excited to go because I knew we had a fine from the summer and I was ashamed and embarrassed to have to pay, but I sucked it up and went in. I am glad we did. We got so many good books (and movies). The boys love the newness of having something good to read and I love the fact that they want to read. #2 trying to hid in his book. He is not reading chapter books yet, but likes to pretend to right now. I am currently reading him Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have 4 more chapters to go.
#1 is my reader. He found some great books. He is in a contest at school to read so he has to get on it. He is sitting on the couch without cushions because they get taken off on a regular basis to build forts and barricades.

#3 was even happy to get some books to read.
Yesterday we went over to some friends' house got to explore the area "over the fence". It is a boy's paradise. We got muddy and saw all kinds of birds, plants, and bugs.
I kind of like this shot and kind of don't. Here are the two older boys contemplating their plan of exploring.
This is what is "over the fence". A giant flood plain. We went way past those trees in the distance. I was proud that #3 made it all the way without whining or complaining.
It wouldn't be a good hike if you didn't have to cross a tree bridge. (there was a safer way which we took, but they loved it)
Here are the kiddos stretched out marching back. I love this because it shows all of them (minus her youngest and my youngest)
I am loving Spring Break. It is giving me a taste of summer and I like it. This may not be good for the last few weeks of work. I should start mentally preparing to go back, but I think I will wait till Sunday. :)

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Adriana said...

Live it up! Don't start preparing to go back til late Sunday night! You're a NEED a break...I should know;)