Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break Day 1

I have been itching to get my garden going this year. I didn't do one last year and the year before that it was just too crazy for me to even handle. I have no green thumb, but the thought of growing my own food has always appealed to me. So here is what I did so I can pretend I am a gardener. First I started off when a good piece of land. I claim no responsibility for the quality of this dirt. My wonderful green thumb of a husband took great care. My part was to rid it of the weeds and the sunflowers that kept popping up. (those things grow large and tall and take over)

Next I had to think of some way to keep Hershey, our nosy beagle, out of the garden. Now there really is no way to keep her out. This dog has the jumping and climbing capabilities of Spider Man, but I figure if there is just some type of barrier it might prevent her from laying in the dirt or on my plants. So I got some stakes and some twine. I measured and of course took pictures because it is such a great real life math lesson on perimeter.

See, she has complete access.

"What, I promise to be good"

After hammering the stakes I began to weave my twine in a way that I thought was cute and practical.

Then I bought a few plants already ready and then some seeds.

We shall see how long they stay alive. I am notorious for killing plants. These are tomatoes and tomatillos that I planted. I planted seeds of watermelon (at the request of #2 and #3 who absolutely love it), onion (I hope, there was some seed confusion), lettuce, and jalapenos. I'll keep you updated on the growing. Wow, though, there were so many metaphors that popped in my mind about God and us while planting. I will spare you them all , but it is amazing how God uses concrete examples to show us our deep need of Him.

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