Friday, April 8, 2011

Are we in the city or the country?

I have a coworker (who is also #3's K teacher and was #1's teacher as well) who owns a horse so yesterday we went over to her place and got to ride Hershey.
Here are the boys waiting their turn.

I don't know, perhaps next year's Christmas card?
Every one got a chance to ride (including myself, but guess who is the photographer for the family)

We were able to walk around and see other horses and animals. The boys are petting the miniature horse, Sunshine. She was very friendly. #3 thought this was great horse, just his size. There were chickens everywhere. These baby chicks were so cute.
Then we were able to help brush and clean Hershey up.
That is when #4 got his turn on the horse.

We took a small detour to find some longhorns. Wait, am I in Texas or California? I love seeing the little ones make the effort to be with his "bruders". He loves them to pieces and never wants them to be too far from him. (you see his boots? a must for boys who ride horses)
It was a fun family adventure, but sadly our week has come to an end. My goal though is not to get lost at work and try to keep up to date with the blog.

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Adorable pics!! 2 more days...I'm starting to