Monday, April 11, 2011


You thought I forgot to blog today. Nope, just a little later than usual. That is what happens when I get back on school time. Any who, just wanted to show you a little peek at our life. This morning Adam sent me a text with a picture of #4 in the mess of this. Oh joy, we have reached the stage of mischief and mayhem. What cracked me up the most was when I was talking to #3 about it. He shared that his little brother had done this and we will need to "clean it up someday". I love it because it shows his priority of cleaning. It doesn't have to be done today, but someday. In all honesty he may like it better because he can get to the shirts he like faster.
Empty drawer

Full Floor
My "someday" will be this evening. I guess it gives me another chance to continue to purge this house of unnecessary items.

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