Monday, April 25, 2011

The Family Picture

This was round 2 of family pictures. The first round was not good. It is so hard to get 6 people to look all at the same place. This is the best we could do. It is funny to see this picture of us. My kids are getting older and I guess, by default, I am too. I think about the pictures of my parents when I was little. They were so old to me and wise. I look at myself and see the same me, but supposedly I know more and should have it more together. Do I feel wise? Do I feel old? None of this and yet, I know my kids will think the same of me. So there is no having it together here....just plugging along praying for God's grace in my life and the lives of my kids. Hope you had a great Easter.


Keri Sheckler said...

That's a GREAT family pic!!!!

Alicia said...

I think your family pic is fabulous!