Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog Envy

Oh you know you have experienced it...I was reading a post from my friend and it hit me that one of the main reasons I hesitate to post is blog envy. I don't really have anything great to offer the world, no decorating talent, no spend thriftiness, or craftiness really. I am a wannabe/poser. Well, I am just going to be honest about it. I love reading this blog and this blog, and this one is just simply amazing. I enjoy reading how life happens here and here. But the problem is that when I read these blogs plus the others that I am addicted to, I find myself paralyzed with fear that what I have to offer it just not of any value. Can you see the lies that I have believed?

I really shouldn't care about what others do or what mine looks like. It is about what God is showing and teaching me through my family and really the rest of my life and reflecting that through my blog? So I have made a promise to be more real with myself and start posting what is going on on the inside and not just the outside. You may be shocked to find that it isn't pretty. I am broken just like the rest of humanity (praise God for his grace, Amen?). I will also post about the army of men my husband and I are trying to raise to be men who love Jesus whole heartedly.

So there I am....exposed and fearful, but I need to be and do what is scary. Here's a pic of #4 seeing how it wouldn't be a real post without a picture.

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