Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birthday Bliss

I HAVE A 9 YEAR OLD!!!! How did this happen? He just kept growing and growing. Today is #1's birthday. His last year as a single digit. He is an amazing boy with an "old" soul. He loves to be with people. He has a compassionate heart for those who are hurting. He is a goof ball times 10 and a wonderful big brother. Adam and I can count on him to be in charge and make sure that all brothers are safe. He is a worrier and a screen fanatic. He loves football with a passion. Most importantly though, he is OUR son, our first born. We had the privilege to learn how to be parents with him. Man, those were long ago days. At the time, I was "working" for California Baptist University. He was my side kick. He went with me to work (I guess he still does :)) We would go to the caf and eat with my friends or girls that I was meeting. I made a little space for him under my desk to keep him occupied, but he would rather be about talking or hanging around people. He is precious. My prayer is that he will continue to grow and become the man that we are teaching him to be. Happy Birthday #1!!!!!! See, he is a goof ball.

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