Monday, May 9, 2011

Marriage Mondays in May {date night}

You thought I would forget. You were hanging on the edge of your seat wondering when will I will post. Thank you to my 5 faithful readers :) Life sometimes gets the better of me and I disappear because blogging is something that I can cut. BUT boys are in bed, husband is out of country, and I need an outlet.

Because my husband is out of country this post seemed super important for me to post. I am missing him terribly. Over the past year or so we have really upped the ante for what "good" means in a marriage. One of the main reasons is our almost nightly "date night". Hold the phone!!! Yes, we have a date night almost every night. We don't go out every night. No, no, no...our budget does not allow for that. We do make it priority to sit with each other and have a "date". What that means for us is lighting a candle, having a drink (usually a DP for me), and maybe a snack. We're very clear with expectations for the night because as you know they are a minefield. We don't talk business, but rather about our hearts and where we are at. Some nights, I do most of the talking. Other nights, he does the talking. They can last from 15 minutes to 2 hours. In the beginning they were more like 15 minutes and the Mr. was not too into it. It seemed too fabricated. The reality was that it was, but now he is one of the loudest voices declaring the goodness of having date nights.

There is nothing magical about it, but it provides the time and space for us to reconnect and join forces once again against the Enemy who wants to do nothing more than destroy our marriage. So my challenge for you is to do this with your spouse at least twice a week. Make the effort to stay awake or put the kids to bed. It will change your marriage.

Strange photo to put on the marriage post, but I was thinking it takes all of us working together to make it work well, and we have to be pushing the same way together unlike these kiddos who worked again each other. Often times that what husbands and wives do. We work against each other, when we should be working side by side. OK enough with the cheesiness. :)

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Kimberlee said...

Can I tell you how much I A)love you, B)love the honesty you share on your blog and in life in general, C)miss your family, and D)absolutely love this picture?! Let's skype soon :)