Monday, May 16, 2011

Marriage Mondays in May {Be their Cheerleader}

A little late, but the Mr. got back from Israel today and we spent our day catching up. He is now safely tucked in bed, trying to get back on our time so he can manage the house tomorrow while I go back to work. So since he is asleep, I stole some of his pictures. I have no idea what places he is at in these pictures, but they were good to show who he is. For instance, here is my intellectual man thinking of some deep theological truth. :) or he is just being his silly self. I trait I love about him. He is deep one second and then a thirteen year old the next. So today I thought I would mention another key to a healthy and happy marriage. This pertains to wives (sorry men). It is simple and sweet. Be their biggest cheerleader. Before you say without thought or reflection that you are, I want you to think about it. Are you your husband's biggest cheerleader or do you say "great babe, but what about.....?" I know I often will. I blaze right by and point out the one thing he could of done better even if he did 10 things right. By doing that I am working against the very thing I want in him. He loses confidence and begins to think that he can't measure up.

Again we want to say "but you mean I can't say anything at all...?" There may be a time and a place, but in all honesty I am finding that the less I say and the more I turn my husband over to God, the more I see him fulfill his leadership role. Weird how it works that way, but it does. So ladies, my advice is to be quiet, praise and thank him for the good he does, and pray for the things you wish were different.

And just for fun....Can you believe he found this there? I guess I can go to Israel seeing how they have my drink/addiction.(BTW how sweet that he thought of me and took this picture)

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Keri Sheckler said...

Great post. Great pics. So glad Adam was able to go to Israel. It is an amazing place. And yes, GO!