Saturday, May 14, 2011

#3 is Three!!!

This child was by far the roughest delivery of them all. We already knew that we were on the lookout for an enlarged kidney, but once he was born he was in respiratory distress. It was so scary. I got to hold him for all of 45 seconds then they whisked him away to NICU. Those were the toughest three days. He is the most precious little boy though. His name means Happy and he lives up to it. He is goofy and thrives on making people laugh. Life is funny to him. I can't even imagine what it would be like to not have him in our family. He brings a joy and merriment that is life giving.

Here he is just a few days old.His first birthday!His second birthday!!! (look at his hair)His third birthday! Look how grown up he is! I will admit I get a little teary eyed to see him looking so boyish. He is such a handsome gentleman and a mama's boy too.

Happy Birthday are a precious gift from God.

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I love the chronologically posted photos of your three year old...Happy birthday...impressed that you are able to keep up your blog, Shanalea Shanahan!