Monday, May 30, 2011

Marriage Mondays in May {Anniversary}

The main reason I came up with the idea of Marriage Mondays in May was because our anniversary is this month. May 27th to be exact. I was so impressed with my husband. I felt that our time together was a true testimony to how God has changed us and molded our marriage to mirror the relationship we have with Him. Anyway, I was totally unaware of the plans. I was told to expect something, but I figured it was just dinner out. I was so wrong. We started the evening in Laguna on a secluded beach (which is hard to find). He had prepared appetizers for us to enjoy as we sat and watched the sunset. It was so peaceful. I love the beach.

Here is the picnic goodies. It was so amazing and spoke right to my heart. Everything was so nice.
I actually got a good picture of us.

Moments before the sunset.

After the sun finally went down, I was taken to dinner at a beachfront place. It was so nice to see the ocean and enjoy the company of my best friend.

This my dinner view. After dinner he took me to the Hyatt. I was so surprised. It was the best anniversary by far. He did well.

Thanks Babe for a wonderful night!

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