Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tests - not the school kind

Isn't the gown cute? I didn't know they made them so small.
Asher means happy, joyful and he is just that.
This is how they kept him still while they took pictures.

If you have read the blog you then know that Asher has an enlarged right kidney. Because of this, we have been doing other tests to get a better look at his "plumbing". The first test we did was an x-ray. They had to put a catheter in and fill his bladder to take the pictures. Not a pleasant thing to happen, but he is a trooper. The next test was a nuclear medicine study. We had no idea what it all entailed. So here is the story. We checked into the hospital for same day admission. He had to have an iv put in to give him fluids and to give him the isotopes that show what is going on inside. It was amazing. As the isotopes went in you could see the image right away. It was very obvious that his right kidney is bigger than his left. For one hour they took pictures of these isotopes working. The left kidney was working perfectly. You could see it start moving through the tube to the bladder. The right kidney on the other hand changed it shape from a kidney bean to a heart. Toward the end of the process they give a diuretic so it will get all the stuff out of his little body. Once they gave him that his right kidney began to work and release the urine. The good thing is that it worked, but it does mean that there is a blockage. I am almost positive they will do surgery, but we will find out for sure on August 6th when we go to the specialist. Asher is such a blessing though. Through out it all he has maintained a pleasant personality. Check out the smiles.


Alicia said...

My heart was breaking looking at him taped to the table! He seems like such a trooper though. I can't wait to meet him!

Anonymous said...


My little guy has some similar issues. He was in the hospital at 12 old for a UTI and had to have blood drawn and an IV. He had a kidney ultrasound, but luckily everything came out good. He'll have to have a catheter as well in 3 weeks with the radioactive stuff as well. Not looking forward to that. Hope he's doing better.

Jennifer Jones