Friday, July 4, 2008

Family fun

If any of you are on my facebook page you know that I have been trying to attempt at least one involved art project every week. We have been doing these with other families, but this week we did it on our own. We did two in one. First was bubble paint. This is a simple project. 2 tablespoons of paint with a pint of bubble solution. Well, I had poster paint, but same difference right. I mixed it with one small container of bubbles. Then we attempted to paint. It didn't work so well. As a teacher I should know to try things first before you do them with kids. Otherwise you spend all your time trying to get it to work or whatever. The second thing we did was make t-shirts. (I think I did this with my cousins one 4th as well) I was really excited because Aiden was very into this project. I bought fabric markers so it would be easier. We all sat down and got to work. Aiden was so proud he wanted to put his shirt on right away. He got it wet while playing in the pool water. He was upset. He said, "now I can't wear it for the 4th" It was so cute. The plan is to wear them today. They will look too cute.

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