Wednesday, July 2, 2008

AC drama

So the AC drama continues. This is our third day without the AC while the weather here is in the high 90s. Now in CA it does cool down at night, praise the Lord, but still it is hot. We had someone out today who came and fixed what was wrong. While the repair man was here the boys and I went out back and filled out baby pool up to cool down. Within an hour of his leaving it all went sour again. So what is the deal? I wish I knew. I wish I knew why the power goes out when the AC goes off. I wish I knew why my children choose this week to be crazy and not listen to their parents. I wish I knew why being hot makes every one cranky. I wish I knew why well, you get the picture. I hope to write tomorrow that God has worked a miracle and our house now runs normal again. I am praying.

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