Thursday, July 24, 2008

Growing Up

All growing up I wanted so desperately to be a grown up so I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. As a grown up I know that that statement is not true, yet I hear it from my own son. We want to be grown up because of the freedom we can receive from it, but what we don't realize as children is the other part of being a grown up. One negative is I know way too many people who have had experienced hard ships and have heard too much of the suffering that this world hands out. We went on a recent trip to Modesto, my husband's home town, and what we found there were lives that have been torn apart by chasing the things of this world and ignoring God's plan. We saw people getting older and needing someone to help them out. Adam in particular faced the reality of life, things change. People change or they were never who you thought they were in the first place. Growing up is tough.

I hope they don't grow up too fast.

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Shaun, Erica, & Isaac said...


I found your blog while I was looking on Alcia's blog!! I didn't know you had one!?

I also didn't know all that was going on with little Asher. I had hear there were scares while you were pregnant but I didn't know they had continued! I feel horrible about not knowing the extent of it! We'll keep you in our prayers...

Your little men are looking so handsome! Adian looks like a big brother now! I have a friend that is having her third boy next month and I told her about you and how special boys are! I think I'm going to be a boy mom too!

Hope your summer is going well. I'll keep reding your blog!