Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My precious one

Some of you may or may not have known about our little ones kidney issues before he was born. At my 20 week sonogram they informed me that Asher' s right kidney was bigger than his left which meant that there was some form of blockage. The couldn't do anything about it then, but they would monitor it. So at 30 weeks I went back in. At that point they said it was still larger, but of not a great concern. Again they would see what would happen at the birth. Well, his birth was quite eventful due to meconium (poo as he comes out) and then the respiratory distress which meant he was in NICU for 3 days. The doctor in the NICU was not ready to do the ultrasound of the kidneys at that time because he was peeing and pooing fine. He did want one about the time he was 6 weeks. Today we had that follow up ultrasound. I should have known that when they sent me to the doctor right after that there was trouble, but I just assumed he was telling me good results. Unfortunately, the right kidney is bigger and now it is more blocked up. They call it hydronephrosis. Basically, it means that there is a kink in the tubing from the kidney to the bladder which is causing urine to back up into the kidney. This is not good. Left alone it would mean kidney failure. So we are being sent to a specialist that deals with this and kids all day long day after day. What it most likely will mean is surgery to correct what is wrong. It has been really hard to imagine someone so little and so precious to have to go through surgery. As a mom it has been very hard to accept. I want the best though for him and I know that God is going to take care of him. From the time of birth we have given our children over to Him knowing that we are just borrowing them for a bit until they become fully His. Please pray that God will give us courage as we deal with this. Please pray for his brothers as they have to deal with preoccupied parents. Please pray that it will some how be miraculously fixed.
Here is he is. 11 lbs and 14 oz. 23.25 in long This biggest of all the Atchison children.
Isn't he cute?


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link to your new blog. very nice & I'm so impressed on your blogging frequency.

We will be praying for God's peace for you guys as you navigate the medical stuff with precious little Asher's kidneys.

Hang in there & thanks for keeping us all posted.


Alicia said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Asher's kidney is not the right size. You're in my thoughts girl. He's absolutely adorable...takes after his mama!