Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rose Parade - Another advantage to living in Southern California

This is the rival band from back home. We had the joy of yelling "Go Redskins" It was fun to see their faces.

My good friend Melinda. We used to work together at CBU, but she upped and moved to Azusa and now lives in Pasadena.

Most of you guys (yall) know I am not from around here..... hahahaha...... I grew up in Oklahoma and Texas. One of our favorite things to do as a family or at least my mom and I was to watch the Rose Parade on TV. The floats were gorgeous. I was always wishing we could go and see it, but it was always too far away. Well, now I live in So Cal so I can go whenever we are in town. The past two years we have done the whole deal. Adam and some other guy friends sleep on the street while us ladies and children sleep in a warm apartment. Here are a few scenes from today.


Mona said...

Oh my gosh! I have lived here almost all of my life and I have never gone. I was thinking about that when I watched it on TV and you were there! Looks like you had fun.

Alicia said...

You guys are die-hards! I love it! I bet the whole fam had a blast!

julie said...

How fun! we were all watching for the BA Pride...and look you saw them in person...aren't you and I supposed to be looking for UNION?...just kidding!!!