Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fuzzy Slippers

I love the way that God knows our needs and truly cares about it. You are most likely wondering why fuzzy slippers and God go together right? Well, our family has been attending a church called Sandals for about 4-5 months now. They call themselves Sandals because the pastor was so paranoid about is gross feet he would never wear Sandals. In the attitude of Christ he chose to show his flaws and be real with others. The vision of our church is Real with ourselves, real with others, real with God. This is a very hard concept especially for people like me who do not desire to share weaknesses. Yet there are many I have and I am now responsible for sharing in order to be real and to seek help from others so that I may become more like Christ.

I say all this because this morning our group had an on line meeting. I love it. Bible study of the 21st century. We have joined together through facebook, and other online social networking, but my favorite has been tokbox. This is a way to video conference. We use it to share how God is dealing with us this week or how he is challenging us. Man have I needed this. We are looking at the life of John because he was known as the beloved disciple of Jesus. How does one become the beloved disciple of Jesus? I am learning. I long to be this close to the one who gave it all up for me. He loved so great that he chose to die so that I could live. Who does that? Anymore we can't even give up our breaks to help a fellow human. Jesus truly lived an amazing life and John was up close to see it all.

Thank you Jesus for this opportunity to join with women who want to know you in an intimate way. I pray that you will continue to challenge us through one another and show us where we need to get rid of pride and feelings that are not from you. Show us how you love us and help us to love others as you do.

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The Hofschroer's said...

I love that you guys are at Sandals with us!!!