Thursday, June 24, 2010

Views from School

School is out, but there were some things that I wanted to reflect on before we get too far in the summer. This is a collage of images that I see often in my school. Teaching in California can be challenging, but I love the challenge. I want to be able to take a group of kids that are borderline in their learning and have them soar. In my classroom I try to create an environment where we help each other. Most of the world operates in the idea that only the strong survive. I like to think that we are only strong when we are working together to accomplish a goal. So that means there are only two rules in my room and they are taken very seriously: Respect and Responsibility. Respect covers almost everything that has to do with others such as hitting, calling names, laughing at each other, etc... To have respect for your fellow man means that you treat them like you want to be treated. So when we make mistakes do I want to be yelled at or rather given grace so that I can feel free to try again. Responsibility because these are soon to be young men and women who are going to be in our society. I want them to feel the weight of people depending on them and what that means when they decide they don't need to work hard. It is tough but by the end of the year it is a great classroom even if the hormones are kicking in. So all that to say, I enjoy teaching and helping train the next generation to think and be kind in the process.

So in a clockwise order spiraling in....My box in the workroom...explains itself...the copy students in line...I am room 13...our testing sign that is up frequently...the ramp to go up to my room...our mascot, the dragon...recess favorite Adams' dragon, basketball is a fun...and finally room 13

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