Saturday, February 14, 2009

Birthday non-blues

Today (February 15th) I turn 31. It doesn't seem like I should be that old. I feel like I am still learning so much. I should be smarter by now right. So here are my birthday wishes this year for myself.
  • To continue to grow in the Lord
  • To learn how to take professional looking pictures (I'm working on getting a new camera)
  • To be a better mom by having more energy
  • To show God's love to all I come in contact with

These are some of things that I will wish for when I blow out my candles this year.


Mona said...

Happy Birthday Shanalea! I hope you had a wonderful day.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday, Shanalea! Have a great day.

Roxanna Grimes said...

Well we kinda celebrated. You have a new book, and a great lesson on how NOT to use the french press! Happy Birthday, sweet 31 year old girl! I thoroughly enjoyed the boys... wink! wink!