Thursday, April 5, 2012


So the question may be, "What are the Atchisons up to these days?" Let me give you a run down.
First we started with laying some tile, but that was only partial for a little while so I decided to paint my kitchen one weekend while Adam, #1, and #2 were on a camping trip. I love the color!
Here is the tile in the living room almost done. (It is now down for the most part) Again, this is a welcome change...Our carpet was very loved by our 4 boys and all the people who come in and out of the house.
In the midst of all that, we needed to have an injury so #3 decided to bonk his head and get three stitches put in. Always fun around here.
While all this was going on we went ahead and put some carpet in our bedrooms as well. This meant that all our stuff was crammed pretty much into one space hence the injury.
This as if we didn't have enough excitement, we added a birthday party for #1 who turned 10! Can't believe it, but we decided to have our first official sleepover party which meant 4 extra boys added to the bunch. LOUD and CRAZY!
Every year on the weekend we celebrate our city has an airshow. It is pretty fun and I was able to take some of the boys with me. I am always amazed at how easy it is to please boys.
Sunday, we rested....Monday I started spring break with #4 being sick. This meant a trip to the doctor with all 4 kiddos (because they wanted to go). I was tired, but we pressed on to the library. After all that #2 participated in a photo shoot for our church. I can't wait to see the pictures this Sunday. Yes, it has been a busy month and I see no slowing down until May.

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