Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I realize that I have not been as faithful to keep up with the blog, but I can tell you that there have been changes inside of me over these past few months. If I were to write about them I am afraid all of it will come spilling out and I am not quite ready to share. I will be, but not today.

Today I was perusing Facebook because that is who I am and found this article posted by a friend. It was so true. I find that I am at my wits end when it comes to raising children. They seem to push every button I have and then I end up doing things I later regret. Not crazy stuff, but not the things I wish. I am learning that I have to be living in God's grace before I can even get to be the parent I want. I have to be able to love them like Jesus loves me. (This is something my husband said recently) How does he love? Unselfishly, unwaveringly (is this even a word), and with lots of patience. The other thing I am realizing is that whatever I want them to learn I must be doing myself. If I want them to be generous, am I doing it? If I want them to be respectful, am I modeling it? If I want them to clean up, how does my room look? Parenting is tough. I know that I will never do it right, but praise God that He can cover all the wrongs.

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