Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Easter

I meant to get these out earlier this week, but my week ran away from me. We had our own Easter egg hunt. This may have been the first that we have done on our own. I know...we are lousy parents, but it all honesty it isn't about the festivities for Adam and I. Don't get me wrong they make great pictures, but it has always been more about Christ. So some years they get Easter baskets and we do the egg hunts and other years we don't. I am ok with that.

He was so excited to find his orange Easter eggs. (we gave each boy a different color)

Opening the goodies

#1 being himself


Larissa said...

Having different colored eggs is such a great idea! Why have we never thought of that. . . . ;) All the fighting that could have been avoided! :)

Alicia said...

Asher is so serious! I love it! Mateo would run as fast as he could to get to an egg and then spend a full minute putting it in his easter basket. Too funny.

Anonymous said...
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