Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A lesson in Grace

My time at the beach was precious. I can't tell you how much I would have loved to just stay the whole day to take in the views and sounds. I love the sounds of the waves, the heat warming your body as you watch the waves roll in. I love the sand as long as it doesn't permeate through all of my things. There is something spiritual too about being on the beach. I was standing alone there for a short time while the boys and daddy had gone to see the tide pools. I put my feet in the water and just took it all in. I was hit with a picture though of God's grace. We stand in the water in our sin, our stuff, the things that keep us away from God or at least make us think that we don't or can't approach God.

God's grace though is like a huge rolling wave. It comes in and covers our "stuff" and washes it away. It not only covers the sin, but it begins to take even more as it leaves. Just like when you leave your feet planted in the waves. The sand washes out from under your feet and allows you to sink even more into the sand. The other thing about God's grace is that it isn't a one time event, but just like the waves it keeps coming and coming. We are never too far from it and almost always in constant need of it.

There was a song played at my sister-in-law's wedding that I had forgotten. One of the lines is "God's grace still amazes me" and Saturday on the beach I was in the awe and wonder. So many times I know that I don't deserve it, but God doesn't look at that. He looks at the sacrifice of his son and sees that He saw I was worth it and he sees that you are worth it too.

*notice the pregnant swollen feet :)

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Mary from the Prairie said...

Wow ... what an amazing illustration of God's grace!