Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Beach...Finally

On Saturday we went to Laguna beach to eat at Las Brisas. Ever since I have been married to Adam this has been a place we go when his family is in town or there is a special occasion. They have the best Saturday brunch with omelettes made to order, waffles, and all kinds of goodies. There is nothing better than to eat while looking out into the ocean. The other part though is we get to go down to the beach and take lots of pictures and actually put our toes in the water. I was so happy to be there. Just hearing the waves and feeling the sand in my toes. Here are some pics of our family.The Day familyThe Atchison FamilyAvery trying not to get too wet, but in the end he wasn't too successful seeing how he had to strip once we got to the car.Adam trying to convince Asher that the ocean is not scary and it is fun and cool.
Aiden with his cast bagged to prevent any sand and water from contamination.

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