Monday, March 16, 2009

Old Body

More than ever I am realizing that I am getting old. Now some of you may say, "What!?! You're crazy." But really. Being pregnant for the 4th time is doing me in. I have never been so tired in my life. I find that little tasks tend to be too much for me. If it doesn't get done in the morning we can bet that it most likely won't get done. I can hardly wait to be done with this first trimester. I am ready to have some energy to get my life back in order meaning getting the laundry done, keeping the house clean, and the millions of other things that need to get done. That is also the reason why I haven't blogged, but I do have pictures to post and they will be coming soon. 10 weeks and 30 more to go.... oi vey!

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The Raders said...

I hear ya, girl! That's why my blog is sitting back at Christmas. :-) Hang in there! 30 more weeks! Yea!