Sunday, March 1, 2009

Long time over due

On February 8th our family had a big day. We started off the day with Avery singing at Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church which is where he goes on Wednesday nights to missions and music. He was picked to do a solo out of all the 1st and 2nd graders. He did a great job (perhaps the best). We were really proud of him.

Then we sent to Sandals which is where we attend to take part in Asher's Baby Dedication. This is a time where we as a family commit to raising our child to know who God is and also with the love that He gives. The church also commits to come along side us and help us in this task. As a parent the greatest struggle is wanting to raise your children up to be good citizens, but also to be lovers of the Almighty. My prayer for all my boys is that they love God in the gifts they were given whatever that may look like.

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scarlett said...

Hi there....found your blog through another..and wanted to say HI! Please tell Aiden that I missed him on Sunday!
Miss Scarlett