Saturday, September 20, 2008

In the Arts

One thing I love about being so close to CBU is the opportunity for my children to interact with other adult people and have cool experiences. On Monday I took the three boys to a concert on campus. The band playing was a good friend. Now you may be thinking 3 boys by yourself? Are you crazy? Not really. Avery was enthralled with the music. Gab played with Aiden while I held Asher or we switched. OR I was childless while other people enjoyed the company of my children. I love it when they can be appreciated by other people. My boys are truly "neat" people and have a lot to say. They can be insightful, but more often are good for a laugh.

Gab and Aiden negotiating

Aiden having fun running on the lawn.

The two boys enjoying the music. This is how Avery was the whole time. I am fully convinced he will one day be on stage with his own band.

If you are looking for a new band check this out at
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