Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick to Learn

Our children have their favorite spot when they sleep, our bed. It didn't take Sawyer long to discover that he too was like his brothers. He has been sleeping snugly all morning in this spot. He would rather sleep there than in his bed. I hope to be retraining soon.

For those of you concerned about being on his tummy, he has been closely monitored all morning.

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Stephanie said...

Hey! I haven't stopped by to say congratulations yet, but congrats! 4 boys - such an accomplishment and I'm sure a busy lot of fun! Happy for you. I like they way you call them by #'s :) By the way, what's been the hardest transition? 1-2? 2-3? 3-4? Do you feel like a pro yet? :) Hopefully we'll see you sometime when we're home.