Monday, August 17, 2009

Broken Bones

Picture disclaimer: He did not want me to take this picture because he did not want people to be sad about his broken arm. So you may look, but you cannot be sad. :)

Well, I am sure that this is the first of several broken bones, but a mom can't help but be sad when one of her babies is hurting. So here's the story. Adam and I were at church talking away to different people when Aiden's preschool teacher comes up and tells Adam that he needs to come right away. I was not paying attention so the pastor (who Adam was talking to at the time) comes to me and says I think they need you in Flip Flops (preschool). I see my husband and Ms. Scarlett running. Being 7 months pregnant I cannot run very well and I was wearing hills as well. When I got there Adam was being the calm parent holding Aiden while he was crying and since Adam was being the calm parent I had to be the one who freaked out and began crying as well. He said he couldn't move his arm (not a good sign), but you would occasionally see him move positions. He was standing on a table (which he wasn't supposed to be doing) and slipped off. He landed on his arm. At the time we didn't see any swelling, but knew it hurt because he was crying and for Aiden that is a sure sign of pain.
After gathering the rest of the troops we went home to drop off half of us while Aiden and I went to Urgent Care. Now I have been through many of these trips with my brother and knew that we should get some food before we went because we would be sitting and waiting all afternoon. He didn't want to walk because he would swing his arm and that hurt. It appeared that just the elbow was hurt so I had hopes that it wouldn't be broken, but x-rays confirmed that he had a small fracture as well as the ball of his elbow had been pushed back. The dr. mentioned surgery and pins and I was a little worried. Orthopedics came in and decided he didn't need surgery yet which was good for a mom that had already been through enough. (there is still a chance of this if we go back and it hasn't set right) They put him in a splint for now and will cast him after two weeks.
The patient is doing well though. He talked my ear off on the ride home and wants to do all things on his own. He can go to the restroom and manage pretty well. Adam and I have been impressed with his "tough guyness". Sunday was quite the day.


Alicia said...

I'm so sorry to hear this! Tell the little guy that I hope his arm heals quickly!

Ashley said...

Oh that is not beat us to having a cast. Not looking forward to that day. Hang in there!