Monday, June 22, 2009


Praise the Lord summer is here! I can't believe it. I spent last week doing much of nothing except recovering from the last few weeks of school. How I work is I go and go and go leading up to the final end and when that is over I crash hard. In college, I would come home from finals sick and tired. I guess not much changes. What I love about summer though is the freshness of the food. I started a garden this year and amazingly it is growing so well. I can hardly wait to eat food from a garden that I grew. Here are a few pictures.
This is the tomatillo plant that we didn't think would make it. It has quadrupled its size.My first zucchini is coming along.


Alicia said...

Your garden is beautiful and I'm glad Adam is into golf now HAHA.

Mary from the Prairie said...

Keep an eye on those zucchini ... they can be very abundant in almost no time at all!

Mona said...

My first zucchini looks about like yours...they are so yummy! I can't wait to eat first one is going on the grill. Your garden looks good...I just love gardening! It is so nice to eat things you have grown yourself.