Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where has the time gone

I promised a post so here it is. The past few weeks have been a little nutty. There was Easter, the a friend came the next weekend, then a trip to Oklahoma, then a run on top of all our normal chaos. We are holding up. Adam is now teaching a class at our church on a book called Surprised By Hope by N.T. Wright. I am so glad that he is doing this. I am going to go to it. I have never been in my husbands class. It was great. Let's see.... we had to replace the van because the other one was totaled by Adam which meant we were a one car family of five for about 2 weeks. Let's just say it's a good thing that I work close. This week my life has been filled with state testing and sick children. I wish that colds would end sooner than they do, but no such luck. Aiden and Asher both were sick. I have to say though Aiden is a trooper. He rarely complained and was good about being sick. Asher was just a baby about it. :) So enough rambling here are some pics.

My friend Andrea getting married. (the reason for the trip to OK)
Simultaneous mowing in the backyard. I told Adam he will not have the mow the lawn for quite some time as the boys grow up.

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Roxanna Grimes said...

when, where, and how did the car get totaled? Cute mowing picture.