Thursday, November 13, 2008

Because I haven't post in awhile

I haven't posted in quite awhile so that should give you an insight to our lives here in So Cal. We did have a wonderful break thanks to Veteran's Day and I couldn't have been more thankful. It was Adam's birthday last Friday so we had a group go to BJs for dinner. Of course nothing goes has planned and there was a major accident which took people 1 hour to get 12 miles, but it was still a wonderful time. Now he is 30! We are getting old ;) Adam's parents were also here so we spent the rest of the weekend with them. On Monday we had some much needed family time. We attempted to hike Mount Rubidoux (pictures to come later). The boys did well it was about a mile and a half walk up and down the hill around lunch time. Life continue to go on whether we would like to pause or not.

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Anonymous said...

oh no! i totally forgot adam's bday...i feel horrible...tell him happy birthday for me a little late. i won't let it happen again. :) aw