Monday, June 30, 2008

When it rains, it pours.

Normally the kids and I go to the library to get a new stack of books to keep us busy for the next week, but we didn't finish the stack from last week. Our most exciting part of today (or so I thought) was a family trip to the dentist. It was Avery's first time. He only had x-rays taken and will go back in 2 weeks for a full cleaning. Adam and I even had our teeth cleaned as well. No cavities for anyone. Yeah for us!
....... Now for the real fun...........
Have you heard the saying when it rains it pours. Well in California that isn't true in the weather, but in life it is very true. As most of you know we had a baby in May which has added so much fun to our life. I was able to take the last 5 weeks off of work for maternity leave, but this is unpaid so I use all the sick days I have and then take a pay cut for when I run out. (I have always said for profession that focuses on children, they do not care much for those who have them.) It has put a strain on our finances. God has provided in a multitude of ways despite the face that we have had some money coming for about 6 months now which we have not yet received. It has been very frustrating because it is money that should be there and we have been put off. Also my disability check should have come by now, but again it was put off. After being a squeaky wheel, we finally are going to get these check within the next week. Praise the Lord. Well, that being said (we are counting every penny for the summer) what should happen but our electricity in our house goes out. I was vacuuming when all of a sudden it went off. At the time I did not think it was a big thing. I was able to flip a few breakers and it came back on or so I thought. Through out the rest of the afternoon I noticed the house getting hotter and hotter. (high 90s is the forecast) I go to look at the ac and it says that our house is 90 degrees. I feel the air vents and nothing is really coming out. So it looks like the air conditioner has gone out or the breaker has gone out. Adam is trying to change the breakers to see if that helps it while we wait though we are hot and hoping it will be resolved soon. Otherwise I am calling an electrician to solve the problem. The good news was the TV will work so I can distract my boys with Little Einsteins. So I wish the most exciting part of the day was the dentist.

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